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livin life teardrop campers
australian made

About Livin Life

Our journey to creating a unique Aussie camping experience
our team

The Livin Life Values

How we’re different
We are strong believers in honesty. Being the 1960’s models we were brought up with a handshake is your word and your word is your bond. This is the cornerstone of our business and we carry it in our hearts up to this day.

It is our aim to see a return to ethical business values, which is how we have conducted business over 44 years in the industry.  These values have helped strengthen our resolve to promote good and honest business.
Our clients are ouR #1 Priority
We supply only high-quality vans to provide an excellent experience for our customers.
Future proofing our trade
We train tradespeople in our skills and our principles.
Creating a legacy
Our legacy will continue in the future through the employment of apprentices and like-minded trades people.
Customise your camper
Our main focus is to remain as a bespoke and competitive company in Australia which continues to prosper for a long time.

Our team

Meet our close knit, experienced team
Owner/customisation master
Wife, husband trainer, secretary, accountant, all-round go to, keeper of the broom and necessities in the workshop fridge. (every job is important!) Oh, and also one of the reasons Livin Life teardrop campers got started. All good ideas start with “Why don’t we……??”right??

Out came the pencils and graph paper, (old school) and ideas a flurry. With such enthusiasm our path had begun into the world of teardrop camping. My one stipulation was, “ I needed to be toasty warm when camping”, and colourful, Trev’s was “have to have a comfortable bed!” And let’s face it, while in the design stage, we gave our camping world some luxuries. Now some would say we may have gone over the top, but those who know us well, would never expect anything else. And the name came easy… “it’s about getting outdoors and living life”. Livin Life campers seed was sewn.

Now all Trev had to do was start building…easy!
Owner/teardrop expert
The thought process for me was easy, “Yes dear!” plus the idea was sound, I mean, who would have thought that 40 years of carpentry and cabinet making would solve my years of camping woes” and with Helen’s enthusiasm oozing from her pores, and the words, “We can do this!” I stared into the mountain as I sat picturing, how quickly we could take off, set up my camper in 30 seconds (enough time to grab a chair and glass of wine) and enough comforts to keep the fairy princess happy - and the fur babies!

Our teardrop camper company was born.

Being from old school times, quality and care had to be number one, bringing old school values into the new age world. I take great pride in showcasing my craftsmanship skills and creating great customer relationships based on timeless personal values - and a quality finished product.
welder, broom stick holder and everything in between.
Tallis is the newest member of our clan. Tallis brings a wealth of skills to our workshop.

For the past 12 years, he has worked in manufacturing as a machine operator, from welding, engineering, and a variety of automotive disciplines. Aa strong attention to detail and keen willingness to accept Trev’s old Dad jokes have seen Tallis become an integral part and absolute asset to the Livin Life family.

Ready for adventure?

Choose the camper the suits your style and budget
At Livin Life we believe your next adventure is simply a drive away! Easily hook up your camper and get started exploring this great country - and do it all in comfort and style
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livin life teardrop campers

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Visit us in Marysville 8:30am - 4:30 pm Monday  to Friday or weekends by appointment

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australian made
We are a proudly 100% Australian Owned and Manufactured Teardrop Campers business, based in Marysville, Victoria.
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